At UPSTART, we want to change and shape markets with new business models. In many areas, people rely on what is familiar, but new technologies often provide more efficiency, more effectiveness and thus a great benefit to solve problems. Our goal is to accompany our customers throughout their processes and to come up with the right solutions at the right time.

„As passionate entrepreneurs, we are always excited to solve problems that we recognize ourselves, as founders or co-founders, whether with startups or companies. We then bring in our knowledge, experience, application structure and resources. Entrepreneurial risk is not an issue for us, but rather the exciting thing about the model.“, Sathees Sabaratnam, Founder & CEO


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    Since 2013 we successfully build and foster innovations.

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    Our curiosity drives our mission to disrupt new industry.

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    We love to ideas from scratch into market-fitting products.

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    Our mindset is innovation-oriented to break trough boundaries.

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    We are willing to take the risk to participate to the success.

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    Our daily business is driven by our passion to deliver impact.

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    We collaborate with many partners to share experiences.

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    We are UPSTART.

A few heads are better than one.